Family Carnival 2016

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Timetable for Post-Ramadhan

The school timetable for post-Ramadhan for all levels can now be accessed at the Parents’ Corner here.

Ramadan 1437H

Zakat 2016

Iftar 2016

Diploma Pengajian Islam Graduation 2016

Students’ Council Investiture 2016

Homestay @ Kampung Lonek, March 2016

  • On 26 August 2015, our student Nur Hannani Bte Aznim left for Kuwait under a scholarship granted by the Government of Kuwait. She is the fourth student from Alsagoff who has been granted the prestigious scholarship. We pray to Allah for her success and may she return to bring benefit to the community in the future. Amin


  • In the month of September 2015, we received the good news that the Al-Azhar University has added Madrasah Alsagoff amongst its recognized instituitions. This will allow graduates of Madrasah Alsagoff to enroll into the Al-Azhar University in Cairo starting next year onwards. Alhamdulillah!


  • In February 2015, Madrasah Alsagoff saw their first ever batch of Diploma students graduating from the two-year Diploma in Islamic Studies Program. Read the full article in Malay here.diploma