Early this year, a small group of educators of Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah came together to talk about setting up a literary club for the school. That historic day has officially moulded the formation of the school’s Literary Club to progress in completing the school’s first digital magazine. This has been made possible by the explosive enthusiasm of our student members, led by our Diploma Year 1 student, Nursolihah Binte Norhalim and the dedication and guidance contributed by staff members, Ustazah Damawiyah Binte Jalil and Cikgu Fazila Binte Hadi.

The club’s term of reference is to develop a school digital magazine on our school’s website, as a platform of communication with our stakeholders and the public in general. As such, the club has two main objectives which are;

  1. To showcase the creative writing achievements of our students in the 3 languages vis-a-vis,  Arabic, Malay and English.
  2. To support the school in sharing with the community our events and achievements through the development of our students’ journalistic skills in communication.

These objectives continue to be realised with the support of everyone in the school, members of the teaching fraternity and its management. Alhamdulillah, this initiative also serves as a good manifestation of the school’s creative and innovative approach towards teaching and learning for our young who would move on to be  our future ‘Noble women exemplary of Ummahatul Mukminin’.

InsyaAllah, with the good grace of Allah S.W.T, the school’s literary club will serve as an important platform for us to develop the intellectual skills of our members in contributing to the progress of the school’s initiatives and achievements. In addition, we look forward to capture our school’s journey as we continue to leave an imprint in our students’ lives.