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(Please notify us via 8721 3877 if you need a receipt and indicate your address as well as no. of asnaf for zakat payment)

Zakat Disbursement

How Alsagoff Arab School helps to disburse your zakat contribution:


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  1. FISABILILLAH : to fund monthly operational costs including teachers’ salaries & student programmes
  2. FAKIR / MISKIN : to help the poor and needy. This amount includes cash distribution and delivery of groceries to 60 needy families every month
  3. RIQAB / GHARIMIN : full or partial subsidy of our students’ school and examination fees, co-curricular activities, other training expenses and scholarship at post-graduate level
  4. AMIL : to cover the cost of zakat administration
  5. MUALLAF : channelled to Darul Arqam Singapore
  6. IBNUSSABIL : to assist stranded travellers