Madrasah Alsagoff is organizing our Family Carnival on Saturday, 30 July 2016. This large-scale fund raising event will replace our annual “Mini Pasar Amal” for this year and will be held outside the school compound for the first time. There will be a total of 50 booths selling food, drinks, apparels and many others including a ticket counter for games. We have lined up a string of fun activities for children, youths and even adults.

You and your family members, friends and relatives are cordially invited to join us and lend your support for this event.
We are also selling our Briyani Amal Coupon (see below) worth $15 each, which includes complimentary tickets for popcorn, games and bouncy castle. Please note that you can only place your order by Wednesday, 20 July 2016.

We thank you for all the support you have given us through the years and look forward to your continued support to make our Family Carnival a success.

Briyani Coupon Sample

Fundraising Initiatives
  •  Korban / Aqiqah 2017.

Rasulullah (S.A.W.) said, ‘There is nothing dearer to Allah Ta’ala during the days of sacrifice than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the day of Qiyamah with its horns, hair and hooves (to be weighed in reward).’ (Riwayat Tarmizi, Ibn Majah & Hakimi)

Korban 2017
Alhamdulillah, Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah will be offering Korban & Aqiqah for the 3rd year in cooperation with Shakira Butchery at the following countries:

  1. Demak, Indonesia ~ $270 per goat (Korban); $300 (Aqiqah)
  2. Australia ~ $360 per sheep

In Demak, Indonesia, all parts of the animal will be distributed among the poor & needy Muslims hence there will be no wastage of your Qurbani animals. Additionally, you will also be helping them celebrate ‘Eidul Adha in all its true spirit.

In Australia, the meat will be packed & flown back to Singapore for collection at Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah on Saturday, 09 September 2017.

We will be issuing a certificate of participation and proof of documentation of the Korban or Aqiqah to each participant after it is performed.

Last but not least your contribution to this project is very much lauded & appreciated.

May Allah (SWT) accepts your korban/aqiqah and rewards you, your family & loved ones.

How to order:

  1. Complete the online form here  or
  2. Call 6294 5909 / SMS 8721 3877 (pls include your name) or
  3. Email at (Subject: Korban/Aqiqah 2017)

All orders must reach us no later than Friday, 25 August 2017.


  • Al-Maidah 2.0 is a project that involves 2 organisations namely Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah and Bedok Youth Society for the Disabled (BYSD) who are also the beneficiaries including Mosque Building Fund for Tanzania. For every $100 donation, each donor will be helping the above beneficiaries.



Ariff Ingin Tahu Poster

  • “Ariff Ingin Tahu” is a series of reading material that had been translated from Malay into Arabic language by our own Asatizah. It comes in 6 series which is suitable for young children. For every donation $200 and above, donor will receive a set of books and audio CD to enjoy.






  • PM 1437H is an annual fundraising project carried out by teachers and students



The itinerary can be accessed here

Mode of Payment for Donation or Zakat

We appeal to you to help us defray our cost by making your donation/zakat to us via:

  1. Cash or NETS
  2. Cheque payable to “Alsagoff Arab School”
  3. Bank transfer to OCBC Wadiah Current Acct no. 640 – 835492 – 001

(Please notify us via 8721 3877 if you need a receipt and indicate your address as well as no. of asnaf for zakat payment )

  1. NETS Kiosk (Coming soon)
  2. CPF nomination

For more information you may contact us at 6294 5909

Zakat Disbursement

How Alsagoff Arab School helps to disburse your zakat contribution:


PieChart copy

  1. FISABILILLAH : to fund monthly operational costs including teachers’ salaries & student programmes
  2. FAKIR / MISKIN : to help the poor and needy. This amount includes cash distribution and delivery of groceries to 60 needy families every month
  3. RIQAB / GHARIMIN : full or partial subsidy of our students’ school and examination fees, co-curricular activities, other training expenses and scholarship at post-graduate level
  4. AMIL : to cover the cost of zakat administration
  5. MUALLAF : channelled to Darul Arqam Singapore
  6. IBNUSSABIL : to assist stranded travellers

Your Gift Towards Quality Madrasah Education

Alsagoff Arab School is a private, non-profit Islamic school, committed to provide the best holistic education for our students and prepare them well for the future and the hereafter.

We depend very much on the generosity of donors to finance the  increasing costs of providing our Muslim children the education  that they deserve.

We are cost conscious and frugal in our expenditure. In 2014,  we spent $1.7 million for salaries, training and development of  teachers, educational costs such as printing and stationery,  students’ workshops and programs (religious and academic),  books and other reading resources for the library, as well as  utilities.




Expenditure Chart



In the pipeline, 6 classrooms within the heritage building require refurbishment while the Science laboratory needs much-awaited upgrading. This projects will cost an estimated $115,000, which can be executed only with sufficient donations.