Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that mainstream schools will implement one day of Home-Based Learning (HBL) a week in light of the recent spike in imported cases of COVID-19.  Many of you have asked if Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah will follow suit.  As of now, we have decided not to close the school for all our primary levels.  We feel that the younger students will get better support in their learning from their teachers in school.  Rest assured that we will continue with the additional precautionary measures that we have put in place since the new school term started.

In order to adhere to the need for social distancing and due to space constraint, we are going to stagger the school days for our secondary students starting from 1st April. Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 students will only need to attend school twice a week. Although the HBL that we introduced has worked well, we still feel that students need to have face-to-face consultations with their teachers. Please find below the schedule for Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students:


Secondary 4 students will need to be in school every day to prepare for the GCE ‘O’ level examinations.

We have come to a decision not to have any mid-year examination this year so that we can focus more on meaningful learning.

We seek your cooperation not to send your child to school if she is unwell, has a fever or flu-like symptoms. We will still support students who are unable to attend school due to LOA/SHN/MC through our Home-Based Learning programme.

Students and parents are also reminded to defer all travel plans. Please note that if any of your household member has returned from overseas, the school will put your child on Leave of Absence (LOA) for 14 days.  Day 1 of the LOA starts from the day after the person arrives Singapore.

If you are fetching your child, kindly ensure that you pick her up before 4 p.m. as we need to lock the main gate punctually at 4 p.m.  Please note that if you are late, your daughter might need to wait outside the school compound until you reach the school.

Last but not least, let us all continue with our doa that Allah s.w.t will protect us during this uncertain and difficult time.  Although we have put in all the necessary steps and enhanced our precautionary measures to keep our students safe, as Mukminin, we must strongly believe His protection is the best protection we can get.

Thank you for all your support so far and your kind understanding to face this together.


Syed Mustafa Alsagoff


10 January 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

A very warm welcome to you and your child to the new school year! We are sure that your daughter has enjoyed the school holidays and hope that she is ready to continue her learning journey in Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah. We look forward to working with you and your daughter for another exciting year ahead.


We warmly welcome the following teachers to the Madrasah Alsagoff family.

  • Mdm Rubiyah bte Biamin, Maths (Sec) teacher
  • Mdm Nur Ashikin bte Maznan, EMS (Pri) teacher
  • Ustazah Nur Azyani bte As’ari – Admin Assistant

We also bid a fond farewell to the following colleagues and thank them for their contributions to the school.

  • Mr Mohamed Zakaria bin Mohamed Yasin
  • Mr Abbas Khan s/o Abdul Aziz
  • Ustazah Noorsyahidah bte Mohamad Sa’id


In our effort to strengthen the partnership between parents and the school, we would like to invite parents to join the following briefing sessions:

  • Briefing for Primary 5 & 6 parents: 18 January 2020
  • Briefing for Secondary 1 parents: 8 February 2020
  • Briefing for Secondary 3 parents: 22 February 2020

Alhamdulillah, the briefing for Primary 1 parents has been done on the first day of school. For your information, the breakfast session with Mudir will be postponed to a later date.


As part of our effort to move towards learning for the attainment of knowledge instead of learning for test results, the Continual Assessment 1 component will be replaced with Formative Assessments. The aim of Formative Assessment is to provide richer information that can be used by the teacher, students and parents to improve on specific learning areas. Teachers will also provide qualitative feedback to students to highlight areas where they have done well, and also ways to improve their own learning. Details of Formative Assessment for the respective subjects will be made known to parents at a later date.


We would like to bring to your attention that this year, the madrasah will break the term 2 holidays into 2 parts, due to the last ten days of Ramadan. The first part will be from 16 May 2020 to 25 May 2020. Students will need to come back to school to check exam papers from 26 May to 28 May. Part 2 of the school holidays will be from 30 May 2020 to 21 Jun 2020. To make up for the last ten days of Ramadan break, the school will reopen one week earlier than mainstream schools. Please click here and refer to the calendar on our website for more details and updated information.

We strongly advise you to check the school calendar carefully on a regular basis, especially before you plan for your holiday. We seek your cooperation to avoid taking your child away from school during the school days.


Regular school attendance is critical to a child’s learning. Hence, students must be present for ALL school activities including enrichment and remedial classes, CCAs and events. If your child is ill, she must submit a medical certificate upon her return to school.

Please avoid taking your child from school earlier for non-emergency matters e.g. sending family members off for umrah etc. They might miss important lessons during that time.

Please check your child’s class activities for term 1 here.


Kindly notify the form teacher as soon as possible of any change or addition to your contact numbers, address and other relevant information. This is vital to ensure ongoing and prompt correspondence between the school and parents.


As stated in the student’s handbook, all students must wear proper attire when they come to school. This includes proper size and length. If you have mistakenly bought for your daughter a uniform of the wrong size, please go to the general office to get it changed immediately. We will advise parents if we notice any student who might be wearing a uniform with an improper size or length.


Students are expected to adhere to netiquette and respect other users on social media. We would like to seek all parents’ cooperation to supervise your children’s interaction and participation on social platforms.

The school will not be using social media platforms to interact with our students. We have adopted a more age-appropriate platform such as iTunes U for communication and educational purposes.

All students under the age of 13 are not allowed to set up their own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. If your family has set up a Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram account, we seek your assistance to supervise your daughter’s use of these social media platforms.

Please avoid messaging your child during school hours via iMessage because it might distract their attention during lessons.

We would like all our girls to be responsible users of technology and not to get distracted while learning in school. Students must switch off their mobile phones during all school activities. They can only use their mobile phones at the waiting area near school gates after school hours.

We seek all parents’/guardians’ cooperation in reinforcing the responsible use of handphones among our students.


We would like to appeal to all parents to pay your daughter’s monthly school fee no later than the 20th of every month as the school fee is essential to run the school. Please pay the January and December fees by 20th January 2020.

You are strongly encouraged to pay your daughter’s fees via internet banking. For your convenience, you may now also use the PayNow to make payments. Please click here.


We have given a standing order form for Edusave to your daughter, which you have to sign and return to your child’s form teachers by 15th January 2020.

This revised form will allow us to process claims on enrichment programmes attended by your child/ward and it applies for all school years and levels.


Financial commitment should not be considered as a burden when it comes to children’s education. The contribution you make for your family is more rewarding than giving a sadaqah.

Although the madrasah is an independent institution that relies more than 50% of its funding from the community via donations and fundraising activities, we always strive to provide the best for our students despite the constraints that we face.

Hence, if you are facing any financial difficulties at the moment, please feel free to approach your child’s form teachers and discuss how we can help you or channel you to a suitable assistance scheme that is available.  Your child’s form teacher is your main point of contact and should be able to assist you.


Getting updated information is very important for parents. We would appreciate it if ALL parents could take a few minutes to read every notification sent by the school promptly and carefully.

Currently, we use SNAC as our main communication platform. However, the current service provider will cease operation from mid-March. Hence, we have started exploring other platforms to select one that will best suit our school needs from term 2 onwards. We will provide you with more information on this soon.

We look forward to your support as our partners in education in the holistic development of your daughter.

Thank you.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb.


Yours faithfully,

Syed Mustafa Alsagoff


03 December 2019

Dear Respected Parents/Guardians

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Combining School Fees and Meal Fees

Alhamdulillah, it has been two years since Madrasah Alsagoff embarked on providing meals for our students. On top of breakfast and lunch, light snacks like biscuits have also been made available for students who need to stay back in school.

We have received positive feedback from parents for this ‘Meals in School’ programme and we wish to thank you for your support in ensuring that the meal fees are paid promptly together with the school fees.

In order to streamline the fee payment system, we have decided to combine all the fees i.e. school, miscellaneous and meal fees into one. Hence, as of the year 2020, the monthly School Fees  will be inclusive of the three aforementioned fees.

Please refer to the table here for the fee payment made in 2018 – 2019 and the new School Fees for 2020.

Should you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your strong support and partnership.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb.


Best Regards,

Syed Mustafa bin S Ja’afar Alsagoff


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