EMMS (English, Malay, Mathematics & Science) Department

At Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah, we stress on the importance of having a strong command of the Arabic and English Languages. This was the vision of the founder of the school, Syed Mohamed bin Ahmad Alsagoff that we still uphold to this very day. To imbibe this, we emphasise on good reading habits and reading right as early as during the Primary One Bridging Programme for our incoming students.

Our English and Malay Languages, Mathematics and Science syllabuses are aligned to the standards required by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and the end of Primary 6, our students sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).


ARK (Arabic & Revealed Knowledge) Department

ARK department focuses on curriculum and teaching of Arabic Language subjects such as Lughah Arabiah (Arabic Language), Nahu (Arabic syntax), Saraf (Arabic Morphology) and Revealed Knowledge disciplines such as Tauhid, Quran & Tajwid, Fiqh, Akhlak Islamiyyah, Sirah, Tafsir Quran and Hadith Nabawi. ARK department also introduced the learning of Jawi Language for lower primary students as to preserve the Jawi script as it has significant role in the spread of Islamic knowledge in our region.

ARK curriculum comprises of teaching and learning in classrooms as well beyond classroom whereby various programmes and activities are carried out to provide students with the joy of learning the knowledge as well as to make lesson contents more meaningful for their daily and future lives.

As learning is not confined in the classrooms, students can take advantage of the nidge activities organised by the Department such as Arabic Choral Speaking, Qasidah Club and Arabic Debate.

Our Syllabus