EMMS Student Enrichment


  • Reading Programme (EL & ML)

Objective: To provide good reading materials for Primary 1 to 4 students and to instil the habit of reading

  •  Confident English Speakers (English Language)

This programme starts at Primary One to Primary Six focusing at different skills every year.


Primary Programme Objective
1 Poetry Plus (Speech & Drama) Focusing on the skills (proper posture, bodily movements, voice projection, articulation and eye contact with an audience using simple texts, chants and poems) needed to boost the confidence of the P1s to speak in proper English.
2 Speak Right! (Readers’ Theatre) Programme aims to develop students’ confidence in oral communication and will encourage an interest in reading out loud. Students will learn the basics of proper posture, body posture, voice projection, articulation and eye contact using interesting stories in Readers’ Theatre format. They will practise reading aloud with expression to develop clear and accurate articulation of words. Students will prepare and practise to deliver a team oral presentation at the end of the programme.
3 Literature Alive! Matilda To expose students to Literature Novels and improve oral communication skills through Speech and Drama.
4 Literature Alive! Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
5 Speak Right! (Public Speaking) To make students better speakers and presenters when given the opportunity to speak to masses.
6 Introduction to Debate To expose students to the skills of debating, argumentative and research for a particular topic.




Secondary Programme Objective
1 and 2 Develop critical thinking and literary text appreciation This workshop aims to help students to:

  • read aloud selected stories individually and as a group fluently and expressively
  • express their views confidently on selected characters and their experiences or circumstances
  • share what they have learnt from selected stories in an insightful manner
  • develop an empathetic and respectful mindset
3 and 4 Develop critical thinking and awareness of global issues This workshop aims to help students to:

  • be familiar with the intellectual standards of a critical thinker
  • identify fallacies and analyse their weaknesses
  • explain and substantiate their own views with logic
  • specify contextual information that helps to make a response more grounded
  • identify varied perspectives and stakeholders’ concerns while analysing pertinent issues
  • identify and explain the constraints, limitations, or realities faced in selected local/global issues
4 Strategic Oral Communication Skills This course aims to develop:

  • Effective oral presenters in different real-life social contexts
  • Categorical and analytical thinkers and oral communicators who can discuss various social issues intelligibly and share their viewpoints clearly with others
  • Strategic oral communication among students