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DPI (Diploma in Islamic Studies)               


The Alsagoff Programme is a rigorous 12-year Islamic education programme which aims to nurture noble women exemplary of the Ummahatul Mukminin. The school values of empathy, resIlience, humility, integrity and teamwork anchor our vision and mission. They have given us a treasured heritage of more than 100 years and nurtured many outstanding women of character, who are trailblazers in their respective fields.
The introduction of the Diploma in Islamic Studies in 2013 further enhances our mission in providing our students a strong foundation in Arabic & Islamic traditions (Al-Quran & As-Sunnah). The programme distinguishes itself from the other Islamic pre-university programmes available in Singapore by offering both the Al-Azhar curriculum as well as the
GCE ‘A’ Level curriculum. The programme gives students good grounding in content disciplines in four different areas (i.e., Al-Qur’an, Languages, Islamic Jurisprudence and Fundamentals of Islamic Theology). With emphasis given on Arabic and Islamic traditions, students will take on deeper learning of these subjects as well as taking on new subjects
which are not offered at the secondary level (i.e., Mantiq, Balaghah and Tarikh Tasyri’).
Students will sit for the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination and upon successful completion of the programme, will be awarded the Diploma in Islamic Studies.
Admission Requirements
Interested applicants must meet the following criteria:

❖ A female student of at least 17 years old;
❖ Completed the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination; and
❖ Obtained good results in the End-of-Year Secondary 4 Examination (Thanawi 4) with
an overall percentage of 60% and above.

In addition, applicants from other madrasahs are required to:
❖ Pass the Entrance Examination.


● Registration: $100 (only applicable to applicants from other madrasahs)
● Monthly School Fees: $150
● Uniform (Jubah & Hijab): $45 – $50 (varies according to the sizes)

         SMA SCHOLARSHIPS                                        

1. AIM:

The scheme aims to:
1.1 create more opportunities for deserving individuals to further their studies on courses relevant to the needs and aspirations of the Muslim Community in Singapore;
1.2 increase the pool of local Muslim scholars and specialists in various fields;
1.3 raise the quality of local Muslim scholars and specialists.


2. The scholarship is only for full-time studies at a local or foreign university recognized by the Singapore government or the Islamic Religious Council or accredited by the government of the country in which the university is located.



3.1 Applicants must be Singapore citizens and former students of Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah;
3.2 Outstanding performance in :
          3.2.1 Pre-U / Diploma programme of at least Jayyid Jiddan or GPA 3.5 (for degree programme candidates)
          3.2.2 Bachelor’s degree in any field of study (For post-graduate programme candidates);
3.3 Preferably between 19 and 40 years of age at the time of application;
3.4 Active participant in community activities;
3.5 Keen interest to contribute to the community;
3.6 Must be accepted into the relevant university.



4.1 There is no bond attached to this scholarship;
4.2 The scholarship will cover the following:
        – tuition fees and other charges for the duration of study;
        – living expenses, accommodation (for overseas study only);
        – return economy airfare (for overseas study only);
        – book allowance.
4.3 The scholarship is generally for:
          4.3.1 Four-year Bachelor’s degree programme; or
          4.3.2 Two-year Master’s programme; or
          4.3.3 Three-years for the PhD programme.
4.4 Any extension will be subject to the approval of the Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah Scholarships Committee.
4.5 Candidates who are unable to attain the degree or complete the studies without any valid reasons are expected to reimburse the Madrasah for the value of the scholarship awarded.
4.6 Succesful candidates are not allowed to change course without the approval of the scholarship committee.
4.7 Successful candidates are not allowed to engage in any employment
during the course of the full-time study.

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