ARK Student Enrichment

  • Hiwar & Khutbah (Pri 1 to Sec 4)

Objective: This programme starts at Primary One all the way to Secondary Four focusing at confidence in public speaking.

  • Junior Huffaz (Pri 2 to Sec 3)

Objective: to instill students’ interest in memorising the al-Quran & Increase their interest in knowing the meanings of every word in the al-Quran.

  • Qasidah ( Primary 3 to DPI)

Objective: to showcase the unique musicality of qasidah to students. 

  • Arabic Debate (P6 – Sec 4 and Diploma in Islamic Studies)

Objective : To encourages students to research, study, cultivate their leadership qualities and arabic language skills and practice critical thinking. 

  • Halaqah 

Objective:To expose students in  learning from scholars that retains the heritage of learning with a valid chain (sanad) via a structured syllabus of reading great classical texts inherited from past Scholars.