Vision & Mission

“Nurturing Noble Women Exemplary of the Ummahatul Mukminin”

We emphasize on building a strong foundation in Arabic and Islamic traditions (Al-Quran & As-Sunnah) that nurtures pious Muslimah leaders with academic excellence, creative and innovative potentials to serve our religion, family, community and nation.

Philosophy & Values


“In Allah We Trust, With Allah We will Be, For Allah We Shall Serve”


~ Resilience ~

~ Humility ~

~ Empathy ~

~ Integrity ~

~ Teamwork ~

Chairman's Message
profile-ChairmanAbout us
AN ABAD HIJRIAH OF EXISTENCE – A 100 YEARS IN THE MUSLIM CALENDERFor three full decades and three more years – thirty-three in all (1977 – 2010) – the clarion call for us at each passing day had been …..To serve Allah the Almighty in the Cause of Islam with dignity.
To Excel in this Service for Islam without hindrance.To face any threat to our continued existence well into beyond our times with faith and constancy, with fear for none, with compassion and love for the young entrusted to us.

It had appeared such a formidable task before us – so humble was our stature then, so ill equipped were we. So unknown, so shunned, so isolated in the circumstances that we were preoccupied with – so dhaif – in all aspects. Nevertheless, deep in the recesses of our heart, we recognise that there was strength in what remains – sufficient faith to motivate us on.

The flame flickers, nevertheless it burns, and we saw the light, the nur (light) in the faces of the young, the unblemished, the untainted, the subtle innocent hands that were extended towards us pleading, “Take us and guide us on this journey into the realm of knowledge that has been promised unto us from the first revealed Surah of the Quran in the clearly spelt message IQRA. Light upon light into the journey through knowledge that will illuminate and perpetually remain the nur and hidayah throughout this journey, from now to eternity, Bi is Nilllah.”

With that strand of light that flickered in the horizon before us, we embarked on this sublime journey, seeking to please Him and never doubting that the reward that shall be ours and all generations to come, the zurriyat, in perpetuity till the Day He has Ordained, the Day when we shall stand before Him on Yaumal Maasyar, well-pleased and pleasing nigh – “Radhiallahu anhum wa radhu anhu, za lika liman hashiyya Rabba” – “Allah well-pleased with us and we with Him. All this for such as fear their Lord and Cherisher.’ Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.”

Looking back over that period, that long journey over a period of one-third (1/3) of an Abad, a century, that faith and the strength and above all, Allah’s Guidance, we shall be blessed with the manifestations of His Countenance that have evidently been:

  • Establishing a curriculum of learning that traverses the World today and the Hereafter, providing for our charges – the Muslimah whom Allah would bless with the generation of leadership for the Muslim Ummah.
  • A building extension of two blocks of three-story height completed in 1992 that integrates well with the existing two-storey original building. It features a conservation of the legacy we inherit from the founder of the Madrasah, Syed Mohamed b Ahmed Alsagoff, and an extension of that legacy, eighty years later, to manifest the efforts of the management, staff, parents, the students of Madrasah Alsagoff and the members of the Muslim community.
  • The facilities of special rooms, an auditorium, a computer lab, a domestic science room and a library. Furnishing was customised to our requirements intended to last for a long period.
  • The resources of computers, simultaneous as when they were introduced in the national schools, having gone upgrading from the XT, AT and the Windows platform range with laptops. All in all, we have had at least five upgrading options for the computers.
  • The introduction of access to the internet through server-oriented service providers and access through Wi Fi.

These developments had kept us at pace with the national schools. We offer the better choice of Islamic Curriculum and National School’s Curriculum in one educational programme. A student having completed Secondary Four in the Madrasah having the choice of venturing forth into further Islamic Studies and then into other tertiary graduate education or to further national tertiary education and then return forth into Islamic education.

There is no better option for a Muslim student than this.Our students, in the present decade have ventured not only into first degree tertiary levels but have gone into masters and of this year, into Phd programmes.

We salute them and their parents having supported them in these rewarding ventures. We stand proud of their achievements and we praise Allah the Almighty for having made this possible.

Alhamdhulillah Rabbil Alameen Hamdan Yuwafee Ne’mahu wa Yukafee Mazeeda. We are not of those who deny the favours You have graciously granted to us. Ameen.

Chairman Syed Abbas Alsagoff

Mudir's Message (Haflah 2016)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله رب العالمين. نحمده ونستعينه ونستهديه ونستغفره ونتوب إليه، ونؤمن به ونتوكل عليه. والصلاة والسلام على عبدك ورسولك نبينا وحبيبنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه، ومن دعا بدعوته، واهتدى بهديه إلى يوم الدين.


Respected members of Madrasah Alsagoff management committee,

Teachers, Parents, Students, Ladies & Gentlemen,


Assalamualaikum wr wb,


Alhamdulillah, another academic year has passed. We have so much to be thankful for. There were several key achievements that Allah s.w.t has bestowed upon our beloved madrasah in 2015.


The most meaningful and important achievement was the recognition that we have received for our Diploma programme. Al-Azhar University has given us accreditation. Therefore from this year onwards, our graduands can continue their studies at the prestigious Al-Azhar University, which has produced prominent ulama for the past 1000 years. Thank you for all your doa.


Last year, 14 students from the pioneer batch graduated from the programme. They are now doing their degree in Jordan, which also accepts our diploma, Malaysia, and not to forget local universities.


In sya-Allah this year, 20 more students will  graduate and we pray for the best for their future.


I believe that parents now have a clearer picture of the path we are providing for our students. We want to produce more students who excel, especially in the religious field. This is the main reason that the madrasah was founded – to produce Ulama. We want our future generation to be not only pious but also well-equipped Ulama who not only master the religious knowledge but also ready for the future needs of the ummah.


Alhamdulillah with the strong support from the community in terms of funding and the $100,000.00 grant from Muis, we have upgraded 6 classroom in the heritage building. Not only are the classes  now air-conditioned, they are also equipped with the latest teaching aids like Apple TV and interactive whiteboard. With all our students owning their own iPad, we have moved learning at the madrasah to a new level.


This term, we are going to upgrade our science lab and also refurbish the other four classrooms. We really hope you will continue to give us your support especially through our fundraising efforts such as the ‘Projek Muharram’ that was launched yesterday. With this kind of support ,we hope to maintain the fees at an affordable rate.


In the area of teaching and learning, we have tightened our grading and examination formats. Currently, we are not only focusing on the percentage passes but also looking at the quality in our students’ performance. We do acknowledge that students have different areas of strength. Our teachers are trying their best to cater to their diverse needs. We hope for parents’ understanding and support to ensure that our girls are able to cope with their school workload. We believe that the success of each student is not solely dependent on our school programme but also on the strong support from parents.


We will continue to put in effort to provide our girls with the best learning experiences and to ensure that they get a truly holistic education here.


In 2014 we managed to translate a story book from Malay to Arabic . Last year, our Arabic teachers produced their own Arabic text book lead by our Head of Department, Ustazah Zauwiah Abidin, in-collaboration with Pustaka Nasional. In Syaa-Allah, we are going to have a complete set of our own Arabic textbook by 2018. We intend to share our materials to other parts of the world in syaa-Allah.


Finally,  to all parents, we would also like to thank you for all the support given so far and may Allah give us the strength to continue to serve this noble intention to spread knowledge to human beings and contribute to the betterment of this world.


Before I end, let us reflect on  verse 28 from Surah Fatir :

وَمِنَ النَّاسِ وَالدَّوَابِّ وَالْأَنْعَامِ مُخْتَلِفٌ أَلْوَانُهُ كَذَٰلِكَ ۗ إِنَّمَا يَخْشَى اللَّهَ مِنْ عِبَادِهِ الْعُلَمَاءُ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَزِيزٌ غَفُورٌ

and among people and moving creatures and grazing livestock are various colors similarly. Only those fear Allah , from among His servants, who have knowledge. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Forgiving.”


May we be among those who either directly or indirectly seek for His knowledge and fear Him.



Board of Management


ALL STAFFFrom Left to Right:

1st Row: Ustazah Saripah Saripi, Ustazah Damawiyah Jalil, Ustazah Siti Khadijah Abidin, Cikgu Mohamed Zakaria Mohamed Yasin, Ustaz Syed Mustafa Alsagoff (Mudir), Encik Ibrahim Sydi, Ustazah Zauwiyah Abidin, Cikgu Noorhayati Sidek, Ustazah Saadiah Pavidor.

2nd Row: Cikgu Sharifah Abdul Manaf, Cikgu Samemmah Hj Sulaiman, Ustazah Saniah Abdul Mutalib, Cikgu Balkis Hassan, Ustazah Siti Noraini Jumahat, Cikgu Amrita, Cikgu Siti Aisyah Mohd Salim, Ustazah Suhana Dupree, Cikgu Norain Saat, Cikgu Khadijah Bashir.

3rd Row: Cikgu Khairiyah Yusoff, Ustazah Saidah Nafisah Hilmi, Cikgu Harlyn Nadiah Mohd Tahar, Ustazah Syazwani Mustafa, Cikgu Nur Sofia Jasmani, Cikgu Zahara Ghazali, Ustazah Ainul Mardiya Mohd Shariff,  Ustazah Afifah Jumaat, Ustazah Nur Hayati Jumali.


Our History

founderAlsagoffAlsagoff Arab School History

The Alsagoff Arab School was founded in 1912 upon the legacy of its founder and benefactor Syed Mohamed b Ahmed Alsagoff in his last will created in 1906. Entrusted to this institution was the teaching of Islamic knowledge, the Arabic language as well as English for the benefits of the Muslim community as well as that of the Colony of Singapore then. At such time in Singapore’s history, only a few schools had been established and this was a single rare opportunity for the pursuit of education for the Muslim community then.

For the first three decades of its existence, only boys were enrolled. In that period between the two World Wars, neither necessity nor demand was perceived for the enrolment of girls into schools. It was only after the end of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore in the 1940s that girls came to be enrolled but were in separate schooling sessions in classes of their own. In the next two decades following the first, more girls came to be enrolled whilst the number of male students receded. Eventually, in the mid-sixties, it was decided that the School should only cater for girls as the decreasing demand for the enrolment of boys could be entrusted to the other madrasahs.

By the year 1966, the Trustees of the School ( albeit the Trustees of the Wakaff Fund of Syed Mohamed Alsagoff ) determined the transition of the School to an institution exclusively for girls. So has it functioned till today providing Islamic education over a ten-year programme consisting of 6 years at the primary level and 4 years at the secondary level. Beyond the 10-year programme, the students will proceed to college level and thence on to university education.
Milestones in the Madrasah’s History
1912 - Opening of the Madrasah. Guest-of-Honour was the then British Governor of the Colony of Singapore.

Only boys were enrolled into the Madrasah.

1944-With the ending of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, girls were admitted into the Madrasah.

Though it became a co-educational institution, the girls were in a separate session of their own.

1966-The Madrasah became an institution for girls only.

1973-Administration of the Madrasah was entrusted to the Muslimin Trust Fund Association.

1985-The educational curriculum in the Madrasah was upgraded to secondary four level and the students were required to sit for the GCE ‘O’ Level Exams. In the years following, the students furthered their studies in colleges and universities in Malaysia, Egypt and elsewhere.

1992-Development of the building extensions to the Madrasah was completed. It provided better facilities and the potentials for a higher enrolment of students into the Madrasah.

1993-Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah became independent of the administration of the Muslimin Trust Fund Association.

The entrustment of the administration of the Madrasah to the Muslimin Trust Fund Association in 1973 was rescinded by the Trustees of the Wakaff Fund of SMA Alsagoff.

2002-Madrasah Alsagoff began implementing the single-session educational system. It enables more time for the focus on national school subjects of English Language, Malay Language, Mathematics and Science.

The existing dual session educational system began its phasing out. This is scheduled to be completed within six years at its latest.

Although the single session system began with the primary one class, the secondary classes enjoyed the transition to single session or full day school simultaneously.

2005-Migration to the single-session system of education for the secondary level classes was completed this year.2006-Full migration of the primary level classes to the single-session system.

What remains the immediate responsibility of the Madrasah would be to ensure progress towards excellent achievements at both the primary ( up to the PSLE ) and the secondary ( up to the GCE ‘O’ Exams ) levels.

School Crest

School Crest



School Color

Red :   Integrity in upholding the truth

White & Yellow :   Symbolizes purity

Green :   Colour of Islam

School Crest

Crescent Moon :   Symbolizes brotherhood in Islam with Allah’s Grace.

Open book :   Symbolizes our belief in the Holy Quran and Hadith.

Ray of Light :   Symbolizes the 6 Pillars of Faith in Islam. The fundamentals for each student and Muslims to carry out the service of good deeds for the society in the name of Allah.

Star :   The 5 points of the star symbolizes the 5 Pillars of Islam. Important practices expected of each and every students as devoted Muslims.

Heritage School

National Heritage Board (NHB) has recognized our school as one of the Heritage Schools in Singapore. Click here to view more information.

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