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founderAlsagoffAlsagoff Arab School History

The Alsagoff Arab School was founded in 1912 upon the legacy of its founder and benefactor Syed Mohamed b Ahmed Alsagoff in his last will created in 1906. Entrusted to this institution was the teaching of Islamic knowledge, the Arabic language as well as English for the benefits of the Muslim community as well as that of the Colony of Singapore then. At such time in Singapore’s history, only a few schools had been established and this was a single rare opportunity for the pursuit of education for the Muslim community then.

For the first three decades of its existence, only boys were enrolled. In that period between the two World Wars, neither necessity nor demand was perceived for the enrolment of girls into schools. It was only after the end of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore in the 1940s that girls came to be enrolled but were in separate schooling sessions in classes of their own. In the next two decades following the first, more girls came to be enrolled whilst the number of male students receded. Eventually, in the mid-sixties, it was decided that the School should only cater for girls as the decreasing demand for the enrolment of boys could be entrusted to the other madrasahs.

By the year 1966, the Trustees of the School ( albeit the Trustees of the Wakaff Fund of Syed Mohamed Alsagoff ) determined the transition of the School to an institution exclusively for girls. So has it functioned till today providing Islamic education over a ten-year programme consisting of 6 years at the primary level and 4 years at the secondary level. Beyond the 10-year programme, the students will proceed to college level and thence on to university education.
Milestones in the Madrasah’s History
1912 - Opening of the Madrasah. Guest-of-Honour was the then British Governor of the Colony of Singapore.

Only boys were enrolled into the Madrasah.

1944-With the ending of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, girls were admitted into the Madrasah.

Though it became a co-educational institution, the girls were in a separate session of their own.

1966-The Madrasah became an institution for girls only.

1973-Administration of the Madrasah was entrusted to the Muslimin Trust Fund Association.

1985-The educational curriculum in the Madrasah was upgraded to secondary four level and the students were required to sit for the GCE ‘O’ Level Exams. In the years following, the students furthered their studies in colleges and universities in Malaysia, Egypt and elsewhere.

1992-Development of the building extensions to the Madrasah was completed. It provided better facilities and the potentials for a higher enrolment of students into the Madrasah.

1993-Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah became independent of the administration of the Muslimin Trust Fund Association.

The entrustment of the administration of the Madrasah to the Muslimin Trust Fund Association in 1973 was rescinded by the Trustees of the Wakaff Fund of SMA Alsagoff.

2002-Madrasah Alsagoff began implementing the single-session educational system. It enables more time for the focus on national school subjects of English Language, Malay Language, Mathematics and Science.

The existing dual session educational system began its phasing out. This is scheduled to be completed within six years at its latest.

Although the single session system began with the primary one class, the secondary classes enjoyed the transition to single session or full day school simultaneously.

2005-Migration to the single-session system of education for the secondary level classes was completed this year.2006-Full migration of the primary level classes to the single-session system.

What remains the immediate responsibility of the Madrasah would be to ensure progress towards excellent achievements at both the primary ( up to the PSLE ) and the secondary ( up to the GCE ‘O’ Exams ) levels.

School Crest

School Crest



School Color

Red :   Integrity in upholding the truth

White & Yellow :   Symbolizes purity

Green :   Colour of Islam

School Crest

Crescent Moon :   Symbolizes brotherhood in Islam with Allah’s Grace.

Open book :   Symbolizes our belief in the Holy Quran and Hadith.

Ray of Light :   Symbolizes the 6 Pillars of Faith in Islam. The fundamentals for each student and Muslims to carry out the service of good deeds for the society in the name of Allah.

Star :   The 5 points of the star symbolizes the 5 Pillars of Islam. Important practices expected of each and every students as devoted Muslims.

Heritage School

National Heritage Board (NHB) has recognized our school as one of the Heritage Schools in Singapore. Click here to view more information.

– View NHB website featuring Madrasah Alsagoff – Click here

– See URA Conservation brochure with the school featured inside – Click here

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